The 8 rooms of the Шляпа hotel can easily accommodate 20 people

18 Sep 2019, 15:40

The 8 rooms of the Шляпа hotel can easily accommodate 20 people.
In fresh, middle-sized rooms, every detail works to create a cozy atmosphere for a comfortable dwelling.
Prepayment is not required! But still, if to be honest, we hope and rely on your decency!
What we offer you:
- 2 economy double rooms with a spacious double bed, with air-conditioning, modern TV, telephone, comfortable work/study area, with bathroom, toilet and clean, fresh linens. The room has absolutely everything you need, so from "economy" - there is only a name!
If suddenly, you lack of something for happiness, feel free to inform our administrators/receptionists, they will arrange everything you need!
 - If you travel as a family, or just tired of your own walls and want to change the atmosphere, we are pleased to offer you 3 family rooms!
- If you and your partner in a room in the same bed have nothing to do, then for you we have 2 standard rooms with two separate beds.
Free Wi-Fi, a TV with lots of channels, heating if it's cold, and air-conditioning in case it is hot. Kitchen, hotel courtyard, free and secure parking, helpful staff - everything is at your disposal!
These perks are for all guests of all room categories.
- In the most luxurious room of the category - Suite, there is a huge bed that you spin on it at least clockwise, at least against, but you will still be comfortable. Yes, and there is nothing to hide , everything is comfortable on it, no matter how you turn!