Let's talk about the beauty of the environment!

27 Sep 2019, 09:14

Dnepr is an amazing city! And both age and the "Шляпа" (Shlyapa) are making it even more amazing! And around the "Шляпа" there is a lot of sightseeingthat you definitely need to see!
There is Monastic Island, which is just a walking distance from the hotel! You can devote to it the whole day! It’s better to get to the island using the cableway, which is now called the “troley” or along the bridge, with gorgeous views of the Dnipro River, the water station and 17-meter made by human waterfall! If it does, it’s possible to fasten a lock to the bridge, as thousands of tourists do and local newlyweds do as well. The desire made at the same time will certainly come true, with your help, of course! :)
And what about the island itself?
A theme park, a zoo, an aquarium, a huge beach area with a clean nice sand and volleyball court, fitness equipment, cafes, restaurants, a horse base, St. Nicholas Church, kissing benches, karaoke,a big amount of plants and happy faces!
Three minutes walking from the hotel "Шляпа", in a shady park is the Spaso - Preobrazhensky Cathedral - an existing church - an architectural monument of national significance. Since appearing this church the active development of Yekaterinoslav (present Dnipro) began. Prince Potemkin was the initiator of the construction of the church at the end of the eighteenth century.
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