Convenient payment methods at the hotel "Шляпа"

27 Sep 2019, 09:19

Whether you are a tourist, a business traveler, a student, the leader of a group or an event agency, convenient payment methods are provided for you: in cash, by the terminal, to a current account. For business travelers the hotel provides a full package of documents!
And for students it is just a paradise! Almost all the universities of the city are concentrated near the "Шляпа", like necklace around the neck. There are agrarian, chemical and technological, and mining, and national universities; medical and metallurgical academies, the university of internal affairs, and even the regional institute of public administration.
University canteens, discos, entertainment are available everywhere. At the hotel reception you will be directed where you need to! Also you will be helped to get to your room, if under some circumstances you are very late! :)